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The essence of interior renovation lies within the use of design and lighting.

Light and design are very important, and can be utilised to greatly upgrade your home renovation. At Haibo, we offer a complete home renovation solution. From painting, installing windows and doors, to revamping your entire home, our expert team will take care of your needs from initial design to project completion. We transform your needs and ideas into innovative designs that fit your budget. Whether it be building a new home, or a simple renovation, let us help turn your dreams into reality.


The bathroom can be the highlight of a home. Old-fashioned homes don’t have a powder room, so the bathroom becomes very important. When guests visit your home, they will definitely visit the bathroom. We can design your bathroom to be as mysterious and elegant as a minimalist bar.

Revamping your outdated bathroom can make a big difference. A luxurious bathroom does not necessarily mean it has to be costly. Let us design and build you a fascinating bathroom that fits your needs and budget.


The Kitchen is very important in a home. Kitchens with kitchen islands are luxurious, and kitchens without are cosy. The selection of materials should conform to the principle of easy cleaning. We have great ideas for you to eliminate the awkwardness of exposed range hoods.

A lot goes on in the kitchen, therefore it is important for your kitchen to be as updated and functional as possible. Whether you want more storage space, a new modernised look, or want to change the entire kitchen layout, our professional team will design and create a kitchen space where you and your family are guaranteed to love spending time in.


Many renovation companies refuse to perform the renovation of high-level balconies as it is risky. At Haibo, we have professional personnel who are not afraid of heights, and can create the most luxurious balcony for you.


Stair design, including stair handrails, are our specialty. We are rich in luxurious staircase design concepts that can be retro, modern, be lit up luxuriously, or be low-key and mysterious.


Partition walls also embody the style of a home. Glass partitions, timber partitions, we have a variety of choices that will meet your requirements.


We are professional masters in every aspect of interior renovation. Even decorative cabinets, and wardrobes can be customised according to your imagination. We complete what you envision.

Our home renovation services includes:

  • Entire home renovation
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bedroom renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Stairs and handrails
  • Glass partitions
  • Doors and windows
  • Security doors
  • Painting
  • Floor installation
  • Partition wall