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Melbourne’s most specialised electric iron gates, aluminium gates, and aluminium windows and doors services. We provide the most beautiful and matching design for your home.

Aluminium Door/Windows and Glass partitions

Aluminium frames are the most commonly used. They are durable and cost-effective. We have all kinds of colours, paired with the corresponding laminated glass, insulating glass, or plain glass. They are beautiful, practical and concise.


We have fencing of various materials including galvanized steel, brick, aluminium and Colorbond. From colour, and design, to style, we have something that will perfectly match your house.

Brick Fence

We have single-layer and double-layer bricks in various colours.

Our brick fences are sturdy and durable, with a lifetime quality warranty.


The simplest and most cost-effective option.

Do not worry that its appearance will be boring, after the skilled work of our designers, you will not regret choosing it.

Galvanized Steel

We have various colours of paint, durable and beautiful.


Through combining galvanised steel, aluminium and Colorbond materials with our unique designs, we create something that is not only durable, but more importantly, creative and beautiful.


Electric Sliding Gates

The electric sliding doors are equipped with remote controls and they offer a cost-effective solution with high level of security.

Double Electric Gate

We offer both manual double-opening door, and electric double-opening door. We are very confident the design will win your approval.

Security Door

Absolutely the most beautiful, safest and most cost-effective. We provide many options for your reference.

Side Door

Stainless steel side doors are the most durable. Various patterns are available so you can match it with your front door.